Wings -N- Ale
Type of Cuisine: American Grill House
Location: Coral Springs 
Reviewed: Episode #801 
Name: Luis Espinosa
Occupation: Retired Firefighter
Currently CEO South Florida Firefighters Calendar Host of Here’s Help Radio Show and a School Teacher at Miami Edison Senior High
Lives in: Hialeah
Restaurant Pick: Tropical Chinese Restaurant 
Restaurant Reviewed: Wings N Ale on 1/30/12 at 12:00pm

I parked in the parking lot directly in front of the restaurant, which is in a strip mall in Coral Springs. It looked like a very quaint place. The inside only had one patron when I got there at around 11:40 AM but was filling up when I left around 12:45. The ambience was very homey. The waitress/bartender was very knowledgeable and helpful about the food. The chili I ordered came with a little sausage and white rice inside which in all honesty was unique and quite good. The beans tasted not out of a can but fresh and it was not tasting overly like chili spice…it was definitely chili but it had it’s own unique spin on it. She suggested the Parmesan Garlic sauce for the wings, which was the best unique sauce I have had on wings in a long, long time. I bought some extra to take home and ate it with steamed broccoli that evening. It would go good with just about anything but especially with their wings. They should bottle it and sell it is a Sauce, Marinade, Salad Dressing, Facial Cream, whatever. The Honey BBQ sauce . . . not so much. 

The vinegar based cole slaw was fresh and tasty and like Grandma’s. The desert was gourmet Zeppole drizzled with Honey and chopped walnuts. I am not exaggerating here. This was one of the best desserts I have EVER had and I have had some crazy good desserts. They were fresh, not too sugary and not too anything….Just simply phenomenal. I ordered the smallest order which was 10, ate 2 and brought home the rest for my 3 kids. My oldest son and his buddy inhaled the remaining 8 before I even noticed. I wanted everyone to taste one, but oh well, it is definitely a testament to just how good they were. The young lady said just microwave then for no more than 12 seconds and they would be excellent. None of us ever got to find out. My son and his buddy are still talking about them. We will be going back, yes, way back to Coral Springs from Miami Lakes to experience a little more of their menu, and preferably for dinner this time and on a Friday night so I can enjoy some Ale as well.
Diner from Miami
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Great pulled pork 

 Diner Review • Aug 19, 2012 

I would give this absolutely top marks ...
Ultimate pulled pork sandwich is to die for.
The sauce that comes with UPP is also wonderful and unique.
The rest of the food is competently made. Good 
Service great.
Management great.
UUP super great
Rest of food good.
Price good.
BONUS HONORABLE MENTION: These guys NEVER let the condiments or plastic side dish cups touch the food!!!
This is sooo important! It shows they REALLY CARE about your food and eating experience. 

Tiffany N. 
Denver, CO

Very quaint place in the Fresh Market strip mall. I've only been once before and that was years ago and remember they had awesome grilled wings. However, our friends Groupon recently brought us back together and dropped in there tonight. For a Sunday evening, this place was quite full with only two servers on hand but we still had excellent service.I was just expecting bar food when I walked into this place but when I scanned their menu, I was pleasantly surprised. I love me some bar food but sometimes it's nice to switch it up a bit and be nice to my arteries. 

They have about 20 sauce selections for wings and you can also get them on fish, chicken, sandwiches, etc. And they are saucy with an ethnic selection with flavors from all over the world. I got the blackened mahi sandwich and was unsure about the decision until they brought it out to me. They give you a hearty portion of mahi that was some of the freshest fish I've ever had in a joint like this. Pair that up with some crinkle cut fries and I was a happy gal. Next time, I am definitely splurging and getting their cheese fries!
Mitchell F. 
Coral Springs, FL

Family Run style in Coral Springs!
Only a local would know about this kind of place. It is small and quiet but full of great food at reasonable prices.

Deerfield Beach, FL

AA real treat, wish it was closer so I can make it a five star. Prices were very reasonable. everything we ate was delish. this is a must come n try for yourself. As for a previous post the owner needs a day off every once in awhile. real treat, wish it was closer so I can make it a five star. Prices were very reasonable. everything we ate was delish. this is a must come n try for yourself. As for a previous post the owner needs a day off every once in awhile.